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133 41 Athens, Greece
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In all sizes

Manual and automatic storage systems.

High quality ice-storage units in a variety of capacities and designs. Suitable for new or existing ice machines.

  • Suitable storage system for every ice machine
  • Several day-long storage with a minimum of loss through defrosting
  • Hygienic design
  • Automatic shut-down when thebin is full;
    automatic re-startwhenice is removed
  • Integrated grid and drain for optimum ice quality

Static bin

From 100 to 2.000 kg capacity and more

Ice storage bin for the manual removal of ice.

  • Material inside / outside stainless steel
  • incl. insulation
  • with grid, drain and ice scoop or ice rake
  • with deflector to prevent the ice falling out accidentally

Cart handling system
From60 to 1.000 kg capacity

Ice storage for easy unloading via a flap underneath.
With insulated ice cart

  • Removable base flap, ice falls into the cart below;
    first in - first out, no shovelling, improved hygiene
  • External material stainless steel, internal PE, insulated
  • Insulated ice cart, PE on the inside and outside, with lid
  • with drain and drain pan for ice carts in parked position
  • Optional tools for the ice cart
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