A snowball fight on a tropical beach ?
A snowboard competition in June?
A white Christmas guaranteed?
makes all possible !

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The snowline all-weather snow gun changes the whole concept of Winter Sports by offering the possibility of creating a ski or snowboard slope - with real snow, any time, any place.
Snow all year!

With the new Snowline gun there is the opportunity to create a winter wonderland just about anywhere with snow covered settings for events, parties, corporate hospitality, firm and photografic locations - the list ist endless !
High quality snow

The Snowline gun produces the quality of snow sometimes described as " Springtime snow ". It feels like natural snow in every day ambient temperatures. Sliding and turning are easy and enjoyable for newcomers and the demands of experienced skiers.
Yes, the ski season can now be extended!

It is difficult to foresee the amount of snow during the winter time. With the new Snowline all weather snow gun, covered pistes are possible all year round. In fact, it allows us to extend the skiing season for a period of at least 5 months or more.
A simple system

Normally, the snowline equipment is commissioned in one working day. Users operate the snow production process with a simple "on-off" switch. It requires little maintenance and is enviromentally friendly. The snow is produced without additives, by means of of a CFC-free refrigerant.
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